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Do you accept outside prescriptions?

Yes, we will gladly fill a current prescription from any outside doctor’s office. If necessary we will contact your doctor’s office and ask that your records be transferred to our office at your request.

Do I have to wear lined bifocals to read?

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Lined bifocals are only one of many options available to people who require additional prescription power for reading. Lined bifocals have two focal lengths, distance (10 feet and beyond), and near (generally 12-18 inches), and there is a noticeable line differentiating these two areas. The modern spectacle alternative to traditional lined bifocals are progressive lenses, …

Why can’t I read small print?

The ability to focus on reading and objects within 16″ to 20″ decreases with age. The eye’s focusing system includes a muscle that controls the tension on fibers attached to the lens inside the eye. The shape of the lens changes when these muscles contract. Age affects the entire system. Starting at about age 40, …

What is 20/20 visual acuity?

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20/20 simply means that a person can read a standard size letter at a standard testing distance of 20 feet. This commonly used notation is called Snellen Acuity. In other words, 20/60 means that what should be seen at 60 feet away requires the patient to move up to 20 feet away to be able …

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