Dry Eye: Do you know when to see your doctor?

Do your doctors treat eye infections?

Yes optometrists are able to diagnose and treat many medical conditions of the eye. Pink eye, corneal abrasions, foreign bodies and eye injuries are among the most common problems treated by the doctors in our office. Learn more about our specialty services and how we treat Ocular Trauma and Ocular Disease.

Are there bifocal contact lenses?

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Yes, there are many options now available for contact lens wearers who require a reading prescription in both gas permeable and soft bifocal contacts. There are many factors in determining weather bifocal contacts are right for you. Our doctors will be happy to discuss your contact lens options with you.

Do my spectacle lenses have to be so thick?

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Certainly not! Today’s spectacle lenses are available in a variety of materials, most of which are designed to reduce thickness and weight. Thickness, of course, is relative to the strength of your prescription, but lenses such as the 1.60, 1.67, and 1.71 aspheric hi-index lenses will significantly reduce thickness and weight. An eye care professional …

Can anyone wear contacts?

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Virtually anyone can wear contact lenses. Today, contact lenses fit nearly every patient and lifestyle. Even patients requiring bifocal or toric lenses can wear the new advanced lenses. However, patients with dry eye syndrome, chronic allergies, or corneal disorders may not be ideal candidates for contact lenses. Additionally, certain medications may affect a person’s ability …

When should my child have their first eye exam?

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Early detection and treatment of vision problems may help a child reach his or her full potential. School vision screenings are limited and may fail to detect problems. Just reading an eye chart is not enough. Your family eye doctor is the most reliable source of vision care for your children. We recommend eye examinations …

Why do I need an annual eye exam?

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Along with determining the proper prescription for eyeglasses and the proper fit and prescription for contact lenses, the doctor will evaluate the overall health of your eyes, how well your eyes work together, and determine if other health concerns might exist. The doctor will also check for glaucoma, cataracts, and the presence of other conditions …

Do you accept outside prescriptions?

Yes, we will gladly fill a current prescription from any outside doctor’s office. If necessary we will contact your doctor’s office and ask that your records be transferred to our office at your request.

Do I have to wear lined bifocals to read?

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Lined bifocals are only one of many options available to people who require additional prescription power for reading. Lined bifocals have two focal lengths, distance (10 feet and beyond), and near (generally 12-18 inches), and there is a noticeable line differentiating these two areas. The modern spectacle alternative to traditional lined bifocals are progressive lenses, …

Why can’t I read small print?

The ability to focus on reading and objects within 16″ to 20″ decreases with age. The eye’s focusing system includes a muscle that controls the tension on fibers attached to the lens inside the eye. The shape of the lens changes when these muscles contract. Age affects the entire system. Starting at about age 40, …

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