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Are Prescription Sunglasses Worth It?

When the weather turns warmer and summer is on its way, people are starting to sport their sunglasses in Denver more often. For those with prescription lenses, it’s never quite as easy as somebody heading down to the dollar store to pick up a pair of shades in a pinch.

Is it worth the effort and expense of getting prescription sunglasses?

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Under most circumstances, having a pair of prescription sunglasses is a lot easier than having to fiddle with clip-on shades. All you have to do is remember to swap your regular glasses for the sunglasses when moving between indoors and outdoors. If you keep a glasses case with you in your pocket, you can always keep the pair you’re not using at the moment with you.

The Personal Touch

If you’re already contemplating the costs of prescription sunglasses, you might be thinking about designer frames. And while some of the more flashy frames aren’t always capable of being fitted with prescription lenses, quite a few can. You might have one of the most distinctive pairs of sunglasses around, and ones that help you see just as well as they make you look good.

All-Terrain Vision

Contacts may have the edge in convenience, but there’s a big liability to them as well, particularly if you’re going to be playing around in the sand. There’s always the chance that grit of some sort can get into the eye and scratch the contact, or possibly migrate under the contact lens and directly scratch the cornea.

Moreover, contacts are not amenable to the sorts of protective layers that can be placed on prescription lenses, such as UV blockers and polarization. In terms of protection, prescription lenses vastly outperform contacts.

On The Road

If there’s one scenario that prescription sunglasses prove their reliability, it’s when you’re driving, particularly over long distances. Regular glasses may get smudged, and constantly pulling over to add drops to your eyes for contacts extends the drive when you don’t need it.  About the only time prescription sunglasses may prove to be a problem is around dawn and dusk, when you have to swap out your regular glasses for the shades or vice versa.

Eye to Eye Care

If you’re thinking about getting prescription lenses, make a trip down to Eye To Eye Care and check out our specials to help you get through the summer in style.

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