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It’s important to have an annual eye exam to evaluate the overall health of your eyes, evaluate how well your eyes work together, and determine if other health concerns are present. We will also determine the proper prescription for your eye glasses and the proper fit and prescription for your contact lenses.

We check for glaucoma, cataracts, and the presence of other conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. Eye disease and disorders often occur without obvious symptoms and early detection is essential for proper care and to maintain optimal vision.

Contact lenses are considered a medical device by the State of Colorado and consequently require an annual exam as well as a separate contact lens consultation in order to prescribe contact lenses. Prescriptions for glasses can be filled up to two years at the discretion of your eye doctor.

Our Services Include:

Diagnosis and Treatment of Ocular Disease and Injury

When changes in vision occur suddenly, diseases or injury are the usual cause. An ocular exam to test vision (sometimes with dilated eyes) is the first step in diagnosing and managing or resolving issues.

Testing for Eye Diseases such as Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration

An advanced eye test can reveal the presence of age-related and hereditary eye diseases such as glaucoma. The sooner these are diagnosed, the better treatment will be in preserving vision.

Vision Changes Due to Diabetes

When a diabetes patient suffers high blood sugar, it can cause the lens inside the eye to swell. This, in turn, can cause blurry vision. Often, this effect is temporary – but testing for permanent changes is vital.

Other Medical or Visual Conditions Present

Brief, temporary changes in vision can indicate severe problems. Specialized testing might be needed to get to the root of unusual vision changes and suggest the right course of treatment.

Refraction (Prescription for Glasses)

People who wear glasses should see an eye doctor at least once a year. By maintaining the right prescription, you help prevent symptoms like eyestrain and “computer vision syndrome.” The correct glasses will help keep your eyes strong.

Binocular Vision Skills

Binocular vision refers to the ability to perceive depth and process visual information produced by the eyes’ overlapping fields of view. You may need a binocular skills test in connection with your driver’s license or other issues.

Color Vision Screening

Millions of people suffer from color vision problems without even knowing it. A quick color vision screening can help you determine areas of deficiency with very high accuracy. This helps patients minimize side effects and dangers related to impaired color vision.

Visual Fields Testing

Visual field testing is used to determine the acuity of both central and peripheral vision. It is an important part of monitoring the vision effects of conditions like glaucoma.

Eye Health Assessment

An overall eye health assessment is an important part of maintaining wellness. Even people who do not wear glasses or have known vision issues should get an eye health assessment annually.

Treatment Plan

Each disease or disorder of the eyes has its own unique causes and symptoms. A personalized treatment plan will help you manage conditions and maintain vision.
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