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Specialty Contact Lenses


SynergEyes® manufactures a revolutionary hybrid contact lens that combines two materials – a rigid gas permeable center and a soft, hydrophilic outer skirt, resulting in a durable “hybrid” lens for patients seeking comfortable, high-definition vision and all-day comfort, without compromising one for the other. SynergEyes® Multifocal candidates include:

  • Presbyopes with Astigmatism
  • RGP Multifocal/Bifocal Contact Lens Wearers
  • Soft Multifocal Contact Lens Wearers
  • Single Vision Contact Lens Wearers/Monovision Patients
  • Patients Who Wear Bifocal or Progressive Spectacles
  • Emerging Presbyopes


There are many soft toric contact lens designs available today for patients with astigmatism; however, all soft toric designs require some form of visual compromise. Which patients would benefit from switching to Duette™?

  • Soft toric wearers desiring
    • Crisper, more consistent vision
    • Improved acuity throughout the day and into the night
    • A lens that does not require adjusting
  • Active patients and other vision demanders
  • Patients that have been previously dissatisfied with the vision delivered by their contact lenses
  • Astigmatic patients that are new to contact lenses

Duette™ Multifocal is a breakthrough contact lens that offers a revolutionary simultaneous vision design to provide true binocular vision at all distances, making it the go-to lens for any presbyopic patient seeking pristine vision for a contact lens.

  • Soft multifocal and monovision wearers desiring improved acuities at all distances
  • Presbyopes with corneal astigmatism
  • Patients who have been previously dissatisfied with the acuity delivered by contact lenses or who are new to contact lenses
  • Contact lens patients desiring improved late-day comfort
  • Active patients and other vision demanders

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